How do I Get my Balcony Tiles Clean?

How do I get my outdoor Balcony Tiles Clean?

Balcony tiles clean gold coast apartment high riseGetting Balcony tiles clean: This is a guest blog written by one of our customers.

She was making one of the biggest mistakes we see many customers make when it comes to cleaning balcony tiles.

We recently helped her with a professional job (see the before and after photo on the left). She was so thrilled with the result she wanted to tell everyone about it.

You won’t believe the mistakes she made trying to clean them before we got involved. Read this to avoid making this common mistake to get your Gold Coast apartment balcony tiles clean.

In her words…..

How do I get my Balcony Tiles Clean for my Gold Coast apartment?

Hi, I’m Sally and I had my Gold Coast apartment renovated about 18 months ago. I bought the property with a renovation in mind so did it all at once, including the tiles inside and the outdoor balcony tiles.

Being house-proud, of course I had to have the ‘best’ tiles and chose the indoor ones first.

I then chose the outdoor ones to match. They were supposed to be really good, proper outdoor tiles imported from Italy.

So what could go wrong?

What went wrong…

Broadbeach-ocean-viewsAfter a few months, what became apparent was that the outdoor balcony tiles were getting very dirty, very quickly.

Like on a daily basis.

How-come I paid so much for these and they’re getting completely ruined so quickly?

Perhaps it was something to do with the location – on the 10th floor of a high-rise apartment building on the Coast. Maybe it was something to do with the salt air?

I tried everything to clean them properly.

First I swept them to get the dirt off…

Then that didn’t work very well so I SCRUBBED them to get the dirt off…

And then I’d get hot soapy water…. and scrubbed that in it to get the dirt off.

That sort of worked… but really annoyed the holiday-makers downstairs who got a splash of hot dirty water while sun-bathing on their balcony  (sorry about that).

I just couldn’t work out what I was doing wrong.

Surely I wouldn’t have to get down on my hands and knees every single day, scrubbing with hot soapy water to keep the outdoor balcony tiles clean?

I just couldn’t understand it.


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 My biggest mistake trying to keep my balcony tiles clean

Then my mum came to visit.

Mum is my personal guru of all useful tips for cleaning and keeping your home in top condition.

So I asked her – “Mum, how do I clean these tiles properly?”.

You won’t believe what she said…

“You need to get them sealed” came her reply.


I just didn’t realise that when the renovation was done, these tiles were not sealed.

You see, the balcony tiles are quite porous. They were catching all the dirt and dust on a daily basis, and because they weren’t sealed, they were actually absorbing the dirt and grime into the tile. Making them not only dirty quickly, but also very hard to clean.

I felt so silly when she said this because I instantly recognised the problem.

Not only that, but a good friend of mine – Ben at Astute Asset Management – is a professional balcony tile cleaner and sealer! I just didn’t realise I needed him until that moment.

The solution to keep my balcony tiles clean

So Ben came to the rescue.

He did a proper clean with his specialist equipment, then gave the balcony tiles a couple of coats of sealant.

To look at the finished job, you can’t even tell the sealant is on there.

But I know it is because now my tiles look fantastic, and are also protected from every-day grime and stains.

Thank you so much for a fantastic job – I can see why you get so many great reviews.

Thanks to Sally for that guest blog

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