Getting your home ready for Christmas Entertaining

Getting your home ready for Christmas Entertaining

Getting your home ready for Christmas Entertaining – our top 5 tips to clean your home exterior with ease

Home ready for christmas entertaining pressure cleaning home exteriorGetting your home ready for Christmas Entertaining: Can you believe it’s that time of year again? The weather is warming up and Christmas decorations are in David Jones and Myer. It’s exciting to think summer is here but is your home ready for all the Christmas entertaining outdoors?

Or will you be making excuses AGAIN this year why your friends and family can’t come over?

Perhaps you will have them over but feel a little embarrassed about the less than sparkly appearance of your outdoor spaces? You don’t want your guests getting splinters, or falling on broken chairs, or getting mould on their clothes when they sit on your garden walls or driveway do you?

This blog gives you our 5 top tips for cleaning the outdoors of your home ready for Christmas entertaining.

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Go on – get your sunnies out and have a read.

#1. Clean up your home entranceway ready for Santa

Gold Coast Driveway High Pressure Washing

Driveway After Pressure Cleaning & Colour Seal

Gold Coast Driveway before our high pressure clean

Driveway Before Pressure Cleaning

Nothing says ‘welcome’ to your guests (and Santa) more than a beautiful entrance to your home.

If they walk up a mouldy, grimy, dirt filled driveway, it’s just not the same, is it?

The photos on the left shows a Gold Coast driveway that’s been pressure cleaned and colour sealed. Looks amazing doesn’t it? The ‘after’ photo is much more welcoming than the ‘before’ photo.

Our top tips for your entrance way include:

  • Clean edges – Make sure you can see the edges of your driveway. Sounds a bit odd, but the same rules for cleaning the interior of your home apply for cleaning the exterior of your home – when the edges of a space look tidy and clean, it makes the whole space look tidier and cleaner.
  • Hide your rubbish bins –  create a hideaway spot for your rubbish bins – not what your friends want to see the first time they visit! Here’s 1000+ ideas from Pinterest to hide your wheelie bin.
  • Weed your garden – there’s no way around this – just do it!
  • Introduced hard-scaping to add definition – like a gravelled pathway or brick wall around your garden area
  • Power Wash and remove mould from your driveway – sometimes getting a professional high pressure cleaner is cheaper than you think and they can add a colour-seal that brings it up like new! It’s a lot quicker and easier than getting on your hands and knees. How else are you going to get those results that make it look like new?
  • Add pots with colourful and flowering plants – you can usually pick up some good and inexpensive options from Masters, Bunnings or even Kmart.


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#2. Update your furniture

Concrete Cleaners Gold Coast

Is your furniture old?

Oops! Does it fall apart when someone sits on it?

Time to repair it or get rid of it. There’s nothing worse than worrying your guests are going to fall to the floor or get a splinter in their bottom. You really do need to get your home ready for Christmas entertaining.

If your furniture is okay you might need to give it a good power wash to get rid of any mould and grime that’s built up over winter. Not only will this make it look fantastic, but if you get a few new cushions they’ll look like new.

Even Aldi now stocks some on-trend and cheap cushions, rugs and table decorations to make your outdoor area inviting. And it’s Aldi – so you know it won’t break the bank.

Seal your timber table and chairs

After winter, your wooden table and chairs will need  a clean and a coat of garden furniture oil to bring them up like new again.

Check out this great video from Cabots on how to clean and re-seal your outdoor timber furniture.

You can also pressure wash your furniture which will get out the mould and grime from the winter months in seconds.

#3. Get your patio and verandah home ready for Christmas Entertaining

Gold Coast Power Wash and mould removal of Concrete Pavers

Do you want them to look like this?

Gold Coast Power Wash and mould treatment of Concrete Pavers

Do your backyard pavers look like this?

Where would you rather sit with your family for dinner – the photo on the left or the photo on the right?

Hmmmm – easy choice, right?

You could spend hours or a whole weekend weeding your home ready for Christmas entertaining.

Even then, you probably wouldn’t get the results on the right.

Or you could get the experts in probably for less than you think. Did you know a professional high pressure cleaner got the results on the right in only a few hours? It’s unbelievable isn’t it?

It’s because they use a hot water wash with eco-friendly chemicals that remove mould and mildew – including those nasty growths in the cracks between the pavers. They even give it a seal to keep it looking cleaner for longer.  If you’re short for time, phone your local Gold Coast high pressure cleaners here.

High-Pressure-Clean-and-regrout-of-Tiles-Gold-CoastRegrout your tiles

If you don’t have pavers but do have tiles, you might think about giving them a pressure clean followed by a re-grout to get your home ready for Christmas entertaining.

No amount of cleaning is going to get the ‘after’ results shown on the left of an outdoor tiled verandah once it’s had a clean, regrout and seal.

Getting your home ready for Christmas Entertaining: Cleaning your Wooden patio and decks

House Washing Gold Coast Wooden PatioWooden decks really attract grime and mould over the winter months.

By this stage we might sound like a broken record, but check out the picture on the right for what a professional pressure cleaner can do!

This one has had a hot-water high pressure clean with eco-friendly mould removal chemicals. What took us moments probably would take you a whole day – and even then without our commercial equipment, you probably wouldn’t get the results on the right.

I know what I’d rather do with my weekend (and which surface I’d rather eat off or have my kids play on!).


#4. Make a clear path through the house to the outdoors to make your home ready for Christmas entertaining

While this technically doesn’t help you clean the exterior of your home, it’s important you remember to do a once-over on the rooms that are going to be visited by your guests.

Most important is to sort out your bathroom, kitchen, and rooms your guests will actually walk through on their way to your outdoor entertaining area.

  • Bathroom:
    • Clean sink and mirrors
    • Wipe-down the shower area
    • Hideaway any unnecessary items – less is more
    • Use a pump hand-wash rather than soap to keep your surfaces clean of suds
    • Make sure the hand-towel is fresh and clean
  • Kitchen:
    • Clear the bench of as much as possible and prepare food in advance
    • As with the outdoor of your home, clean edges on all surfaces and table tops makes everything look good
  • Walkways and shared rooms
    • Get rid of clutter
    • Vacuum and mop all floors
    • Buy an inexpensive reed diffuser from a shop like Kmart to give your home that clean, fresh smell. You won’t want to leave yourself!  Or get some fresh flowers.



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