Mould Removal from Pathways

Mould Removal from Pathways

before mould clean
After mould clean

Concrete pathways and pavers can be exposed to some extreme conditions. As a result, these areas are in the shade and don’t get much sun exposure, mould and grime has a tendency to build up and can become very heavy.

This can lead to the affected area really slippery and dangerous. Also, and more importantly, it could pose a heath risk due to the heavy mould giving off hazardous spores.

The solution to avoiding this in your home and outdoor area is to pressure clean with super-heated water. When heated was alone is not enough to remove the mould, a cleaning solution, followed by pressure cleaning, can be employed.

Wastewater is also properly dealt with to avoid issues with storm water drains. Consequently, this can be collected and pumped into nearby garden beds or disposed of offsite.

We have a lot of extensive experience in dealing with the treatment and removal of mould. Any of our highly trained technicians will happily advise and provide the solution needed to get your pathways stain free and looking great again.

Speak to our helpful customer support team to discuss any heavy stain build up issues you have.