House Washing Gold Coast: 3 Tips to consider for your home

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House Washing Gold Coast: 3 Tips to consider for your home

How best to prepare your home for house washing Gold Coast! 3 easy steps

House washing your own home – most of us can clean our own home – even Bunnings sell relatively inexpensive power washing equipment. So what could possibly go wrong?

Well, quite a lot actually!

Here’s our top 3 points for home owners to consider when house washing on the Gold Coast (You won’t believe Mistake #3).

Top Tip #1: House Washing Gold Coast with hot water

The cheap power washing equipment you buy at your local hardware store gives you a high-pressure clean with cold water.

This means you never really address the root cause of mould and mildew that appears on the surface of your home. Imagine if you only ever washed your dishes at home in the kitchen sink with cold water – well it’s the same with your house! Check out the video below where hot water is used to clean bricks on a garden / retaining wall. Also don’t miss Mistake #6 on long-lasting mould removal issues!

House washing Gold Coast – Before Video

How to avoid this mistake? You need a hot-water wash. This will not only give you that good-as-new look; but it will also kill harmful bacteria that cause the mould in the first place.

And the results will last for longer.

So you can go and buy commercial-grade equipment (worth over $15,000) that  enables your home to be washed with hot water at 100 degrees celsius. Or you can hire a professional!

Washing with hot water helps remove mould, grime and mildew that’s built up over the years far more effectively than any cold wash ever will. Get further detail on our home washing service here. 

Top Tip #2. Using the right products for the right surfaces

House Washing Gold Coast Chemicals

When surfaces like polished wood; marble; stone; concrete; bricks and pavers are concerned, how do you know which cleaning agent to use?

We recommend using a eco-friendly cleaning agent that is also perfectly suited to your surface.

How do I know which cleaning agent to use on which surface?

We’ve been professionally trained in what agent is safest and most effective to use on every different type of surface we could possibly encounter in your home! Sometimes our 100 degrees celsius water is all that’s needed to effectively wash your home but other times you need a specific cleaning agent to kill bacteria and remove mould and mildew for good.

We recommend you use  SoSafe® chemical cleaners – these are individually tailored to your home surfaces. Their website will tell you which one is most appropriate on which surface, in what quantities.  Not only are they more effective than any normal wash and safe to use for any given surface; but they are environmentally friendly too!

Top Tip #3. Move everything to get to all the hard to

House Washing Gold Coast – After Video

When you do it yourself, let’s face it – it’s pretty hard to reach some areas.  Could you reach the balcony on the first or second floor to clean it properly, for example?

And what about the cracks between the pavers in your garden or brick garden wall? Or the cracks between the wood on your outdoor deck or patio? Could you really clean your garden entertaining area as effectively as shown in our photo on the left?

A lot of mistakes people make is not thinking the job through until you’re in that danger zone on your ladder. Don’t be Molly Meldrum! Think through all the necessary requirements before you start the job like:-

  • Have I cleared away all the debris or furniture that could get in my way?
  • Have I got a safe ladder to use and plenty of space for my cleaning equipment AND my grip to hold on?
  • Have I got the right equipment to reach all the areas of my home I need to clean?
  • Am I able to get into all the places where mould and mildew reside like in-between wooden planks on my deck; or bricks on my garden wall?

If you can’t answer all these questions confidently, we recommend getting the professional house cleaning experts in. They come with all the specialist equipment you need to clean those hard to reach places. Also, they’ll give you peace of mind as hubby won’t be dangerously up on that ladder. Phew. I can hear your sigh of relief already.

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